Why Hawaiian Shirts

Why Hawaiian shirts are a good fit for your corporate representation

You don’t have to be as famous as Elvis Presley or in a Hollywood movie to wear Hawaiian Shirts; these shirts are for anyone and everyone.  “Casual Fridays,” which originate from “Aloha Fridays” in Hawaii, are days when men are allowed to wear aloha shirts to work as business attire.  It has become a trend that has rapidly spread around the globe.  This could be one of the many uses your employees or members of your company or institution get out of their custom designed Hawaiian shirt.

Corporate logo designed Aloha Shirts are a perfect way to: promote brand awareness, show group affiliation or subtly introduce a company corporate image, brand or product into apparel.  We have a great design department who could create the perfect corporate Hawaiian Clothing for your company, institution or organization.  The lucky recipient of this shirt will not only think about who it represents while wearing it, but each time he opens his closet and sees this bright and colorful item, he will continue to smile.

How many golf/polo shirts does a man really need?  This could be his very first Hawaiian shirt and the new, unique alternative to the traditional golf or polo shirt.  These shirts can be designed for: company events, benefits, anniversary parties, and promotional products and are suitable for staff wear. Trader Joes already made the switch and their employees wear them as their uniform.

Whether or not you have an idea in mind for your Aloha Wear, our design studio can transmit your idea or help you formulate one for the final artwork.  You will have a choice of three fine fabrics to choose from when designing your custom Hawaiian shirt: cotton, polyester like silk or the ultimate luxury apparel silk.  The logo may be placed where desired and these shirts can come in any printed pattern, color or style that may be of interest to your company.  Once you decide that custom Hawaiian shirts are the perfect product for your company, we will be happy to take the work off your hands and help you out with the rest.

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