Shirt in 5 Easy Steps

Custom Hawaiian Shirts are easy to make once you follow our 5 Easy Steps below.  Your Tropical Shirts are then delivered in only 3 – 4 weeks after you approve the production proof.  Aloha Shirts and Clothing are gaining in popularity, especially since life is more casual today than it was years ago.  If you are looking for comfortable, stylish and good looking wear for your company or organization, we would enjoy assisting you with your order.

Your Custom Hawiian Shirt in 5 easy steps

1. Initial Engagement After you call or e-mail us to let us know you’re interested, we want you to examine our terrific products directly. We’ll send you samples of our hawiian shirts so that you can feel the beauty of our material and see the crisp detail of our printing. You can view our great designs here… but you can’t really appreciate the fine workmanship until you see examples of the finished products first hand. 

2. Artist’s Concept of Your Idea.OK, you’ve decided that custom hawaiian shirt is the perfect incentive or promotional product for your company. But you’re not a designer — you don’t know exactly what you want your shirt to look like. No problem! Our artist will work with you to develop your design and present you with computer drawings of different pattern options. You pick the one you like best. 
3. Final ArtworkBefore we manufacture a single shirt, we want to be sure you’re completely happy with the design, so we submit final artwork for your approval. Our artist’s rendering is an accurate paper representation of what your Hawaiian Shirt will actually look like. We want to make absolutely sure that everything is to your satisfaction. 

4. Actual Sample ShirtTo guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied, we do a “production proof” before we manufacture your order. We make one actual Hawaiian Shirt of your pattern to ensure that the colors and pattern are exactly what you anticipate. 
 5. DeliveryThree to four weeks after you approve the production proof, your order will be delivered. Our normal lead time from artist’s concept to finished neckwear is eight to ten weeks. However, we can usually accommodate your special time limits. Call us at 1- 800-998-8437 or email us… 
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