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Salve Regina Rugby Alumni



My group ordered custom print Hawaiian shirts from you and the experience was a pleasure from beginning to end. I am the President of the Salve Regina Rugby Alumni committee. Each year we host a fundraiser/reunion and give all participants a gift in exchange for their registration fee/donation. After years of the event, we wanted to give a gift that would really stand out. While searching on the internet for golf-shirts, duffle-bags, hats, sweat-shirts, etc. I came across your web site and saw the Hawaiian shirt . I mentioned it almost off-handedly to the committee and the idea was met with enthusiasm. Being just over 6 weeks out, I was worried that we wouldn’t have the time to get the order in time for our event. However, Becky and her team, took our logos, and had a mock-up of the shirt within a few days. We placed our order for 50 shirts just inside the 6 week window and were assured that we would have the shirts in time for our event. The shirts arrived the Thursday before our event (1 day early) and looked better than any of us imagined. The quality was great and the printing was crisp. Needless to say, the shirts were a huge hit and we all loved them. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with you guys and wouldn’t hesitate recommending their service to any group. It’s a great product at a great price. If anybody would like to contact me about my experience, please don’t hesitate.

Michael Negron
Salve Regina Rugby Alumni

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Hawaiian Shirt Fridays

Thanks a ton for all the help with the shirts! Your team did a great job in getting the shirts to us just in time for our big workshop. They were a big hit, and they’ll definitely make Hawaiian Shirt Fridays even better than before!

Thanks again!

-Zack Yun
Cal Poly

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